Travel Bags

Travel Bags

Our travel bags are designed in particular to meet the needs in the capacity of your short or long work or holiday trips. Foldable pull handle and special fabric supported with wheels are preferred and maximum protection and optimum lightness are targeted.

Besides that our travel bag models are designed to protect your computers from accidents, falls, and impacts that may occur in everyday life. Materials are used to reduce these effects (pulley, protective pad, sponge, waterproof fabric, solid seam structure, special holding handle etc.)

Our bag models have compartments outside the computer compartment you can easily place and carry your accessories such as tablet, smartphone, removable disk, powerbank, wallet, keychain. You can choose your products within rich models and colors and you can carry both your computer and accessories and have a stylish product suitable for your style. 

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Leather Cross Bag Leather Cross Bag

Leather Cross Bag

Made of 100% genuine cowhide leather, hand-crafted by master craftsmen one by one. Each one is of unique quality and unique. This sleek and modern leather case is designed for a stylish look in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A luxurious choice for everyday use. You can use it for years with love and passion.