Dog - Cat Neck Collars and Straps

Dog - Cat Neck Collars and Straps

Our products made of 100% genuine leather are produced based on functional and aesthetic image for our cute friends dogs and cats. The product features can be developed according to the types, size and customer expectations. It can be further enriched with accessories (stone, evil eye bead, etc.). The interior is all inclusive. Breaks and fragmentation will not be used for a long time.

Each dog must have at least one neck collar. The most basic collars are neck collars. It must be selected according to the type and size of the dog and preferably be adjustable. Because it is very sensitive to skin, it is a healthier choice to use leather which is completely natural material instead of nylon and similar materials containing hard chemicals.

Our accessories made of 100% genuine leather have a robust and comfortable design with softened inner parts of the pad. Your pet will exhibit an aesthetic and fun appearance that will ease during walking, training and rest. You can add different straps to your leash, or name tags on your pet and your contact information.

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