Genuine Leather Card Holder

      • Our products are produced one by one from distressed leather with A plus hand crafting. 

        Our products are produced one by one so there can be differences on the tones of the colours. (The tonal differences in the products are not the same due to the nature of the paint and especially the leather and are the factors that prove the naturalness of the skin.)

        Since leather is a living material, traces and wrinkles on the outer surface of the skin are from the natural structure of the leather.

        It provides high protection against dust, dirt and heavy impacts to your phone, it does not deform easily and provides a long usage.

Kredi kartları veya kartvizitler için kullanılabilecek birçok bölüme sahiptir. 

İki kredi kartı yuvası, her biri birden fazla kart tutabilir. 

Yaklaşık 17-20 adet kartvizit ya da 7-10 adet kredi kartı için kullanılabilir.

Ayrıca bozuk para için bölüme sahiptir

Ölçüler :

10 x 6,5 cm 

Derinlik : 2,8 cm

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