Hand Bags

Hand Bags

Our hand bag models are produced due to increasement of the electronic devices we use in everyday life, our clothes pockets are not enough for carrying them and we must carry our accessories in bags. Materials are used to reduce these effects (pulley, protective pad, sponge, waterproof fabric, solid seam structure, special holding handle etc.) Our bag models have compartments outside the computer compartment you can easily place and carry your accessories such as tablet, smartphone, removable disk, powerbank, wallet, keychain.

In this way, you can carry your accessories with a stylish product that suits your style.

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PLM Hessen Fabric Hand Bag PLM Hessen Fabric Hand Bag

PLM Hessen Fabric Hand Bag

Features to organize your stuff on the go. 'Compartments where you can comfortably fit your accessories. It has practical pockets where you can reach the items you want. A handy and functional bag that you can carry your belongings such as your Phone, ID, wallet, passport etc. that you don't want to carry in your pocket and coat.